Now this is a funny, Architects vs. Engineers. I am seeing this almost everyday. A typical scenario in the construction business or may I say even on the design aspect.  This has been a great debate everywhere on who is better and who is the “main man” in terms of building a structure.

Architect was taken from the a Latin and Greek roots that means the “CHIEF BUILDER.” So what is an Architect? Let me quote Gharexpert:

An architect figure out how’s a building should looks like, visual appeal of the house or building and defines the building style.Architect have the vision and thought of dreams. He knows how to adjust or the sequence/ arrangement of spaces, the materiality of it…. An architectcoordinates the requirements of various consultants like the structural engineer, mechanical engineer and electrical and plumbing, along with the code requirements for safety and accessibility.

I am an Architect here in the Philippines and have studied various engineering principle and other specialty design. Let us just say, we have studied all engineering principles so we can have conceptualize the overall outcome of the project. We have to know them so we can know beforehand if it can be implemented or not.

What is a engineer? From Difference Between they said that An engineer’s work is based on a far larger canvas. He will help the architect in the practical implementation of design when it comes to a building but he can also be specializing in other specific aspects of the entire process.

Well, I have always worked with different kinds of engineers (structural, civil, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, Electronics Communication, etc) and we have always asked their assistance and expertise on their respective fields wherein Structural engineers for the strength and foundations, Electrical for the electrical system, plumbing for water and sewer, mechanical for ventilation and other mechanical items, electronics communication for data and communication.  This is to ensure the safety of the structure and well being of those who will be using it as well as those surrounding it.

Right now, here in the Philippines, there has been big arguments and debates and laws being passed on who will be the supreme leader in the field of construction.  Existing laws stated that Sec. 35 of R.A. No. 9266 (The Architecture Act of 2004), a valid and subsisting law, prescribes that positions in Government rquiring the expertise of Architects should be filled only by Architects. One such position is the position of LGU Building Official, a position presently under the DPWH Secretary, the National Building Official under the NBCP but RA 9266 has nothing to do with the appointment of an architect in local government positions. Section 35 of RA 9266 only requires registered and licensed architects to fill up relevant positions in the local and national government. There was never a section in RA 9266 requiring local governments to appoint an architect in their respective local government units.

Furthermore, Civil Engineers wants to sign and sealed architectural documents as well.  I am not sure if this is now implemented but Architects will certainly disagree with this and if I am not mistaken they are now doing something about his.

I really think both discipline is important to constructing a structure.  There is no higher with the other but equally important for they play a different aspect.  There is NO architect vs. engineer for both shall always work hand in hand for the benefit of aesthetic, practicality and safety.

Note:  credits to the artist of the image.  I just got it from a Facebook of a friend who happens to be a structural engineer and have worked with him on several projects.  And he quoted “there is no winner, they are just posing.”