You can do almost anything with Photoshop but the problem is it takes a lot of studying and experience before you could do anything you wanted it to do.  I do use Photoshop but not to the extent that I am a master of it.  I only know the basic layout and editing.  I wanted to take courses on Photoshop but I have no time and the basic knowledge I know always works for me and give me wonderful outputs.

I may stick to what I know in Photoshop but learning more is what strive as to be better.  I just want to share what I found over How to Geek which are a collection of Tips and Tricks using the software to learn and improve your computer graphic skills.  The following are the tips I saw that caught my attention:

  1. 10 Common Photoshop Frustrations
  2. 50+ Tools & Techniques to Remove Image Background in Photoshop
  3. How to Layer Masks and Vector Masks to Remove Complex Backgrounds in Photoshop
  4. Learn How to Make HDR Photos with Stylized Shadows and Details
  5. How to Fix the Dark Shadows that Ruin Great Photos
  6. What is Histogram and How Can I use it to Improve My Photos?
  7. Create Instagram Style Photo Effects with Gimp or Photoshop
  8. How to Use Clipping Masks (and Not Layer Masks in Photoshop
  9. How to Create Your Own Custom ASCII Art from Any Image
  10. How to Colorize Black and White Vintage Photographs in Photoshop
  11. How to Use and Master the Notoriously Difficult Pen Tool in Photoshop
  12. HTG Projects: Create a Pop Art Sci-Fi Poster with an Inkjet Printer
  13. How to Make Photos Look Like Pencil Drawings in About One Minute

There are about 30 Great Photoshop Tips and Tricks to Help Your Computer Graphic Skills. So check them the link and learn it all.